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Selling Your Used Device

Australian owned and authorised Mobile Phone dealer

NEW or USED devices 

Selling your used products can be quite a handful at times, at Mobile Buyers we make the process easy and effortless for our customers.

Things we take into consideration when buying:

  • Condition of the phone - some minor marks of the body, visible signs of wear and tear.

  • Age and Model of the phone - as technology advances prices may depreciate over time, if you get a quote today it may change in the following weeks or even days. 

**What we require**

One of the following photo Identification:

  • Drivers License or,

  • Passport or,

  • Working with Children Card or,

  • Keypass or,

  • Lerners Permit or,

  • Tertiary Education card. 

Contact us on 0452 481 939 so we can provide you a on the spot quote. 

Please note that we only buy BRAND NEW OR USED items only! No Stolen GOODS, blocked IMEIs or icloud locked phones.

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